MyoTechnology Products

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MyoVibe Whole Body Vibration Therapy & TrainingMyoVibe Vibration Training Platform

Delivers vertical and horizontal vibration on the largest platform in the market today

Developed to provide the most vigorous stimulation of soft tissue, ligaments, tendons, and bone structure, the MyoVibe is larger and more powerful than other models to produce the best possible health results. In addition to increased muscle strength and flexibility, using the MyoVibe enables better balance and coordination and improved neuromuscular reeducation while alleviating pain and enhancing bone density.

Product available in two sizes:

Large – 36″ X 30″

X-Large  – 48″ X 30″

MyoTools Elite MyoFascial Hand Tools

MyoTools Elite MyoFascial Hand ToolsAdvanced Ultra-light carbon fiber hand tools that provide practitioners with a distinct mechanical advantage.

The MyoTools light-weight hollow carbon fiber design provides the ultra-sensitivity needed to enable practitioners to easily detect and treat muscle adhesions or scar tissue on the body. The beveled edge of the tool enables the practitioner to apply precise concentrated pressure to a specific muscle or muscle group to effectively restore healthy movement and function. In addition, MyoTools supplies physical therapists, chiropractors, and massage therapists with a distinct mechanical advantage that can protect their hands while extending their careers.

MyoTools Elite Knuckle Guard

MyoTools Elite Knuckle GuardIntensifies myofascial release capabilities and protects the practitioner’s hands.

The MyoTools Elite Knuckle Guard is made of a lightweight carbon fiber that fits comfortably over the practitioner’s hand and is strapped to the hand at the palm. The Knuckle Guard protects the ligaments, tendons, and cartilage of the hand, enabling myofascial therapists to apply a higher level of pressure while minimizing the amount of stress to the hand and wrist.

Class IV MyoLaser Therapy Unit

Myo Class IV LaserThe most advanced sports therapy and rehab device in the market today

The MyoLaser is a 12 watt continuously powered 980nm diode Class IV laser therapy unit. It is unique in that it is the only unit on the market that allows practitioners to set any pulsation rate or power level combination to treat a multitude of injuries or conditions. The FDA approved MyoLaser stimulates cells to produce more ATP so the tissue heals up to 70% faster. This accelerates recovery and can break pain pattern cycles to offer immediate relief.